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Kenny in a Hurry

This is Kenny. He was in a hurry to go help some customers when I took this picture. I’m in a hurry right now but lest it seem like I’m phoning this in…

The Rave – (Is That Your) Mother

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Angela at CafĂ© Sophie

Angela and I hang out as much as I can. Don’t think too much about the grammar there; she’s busy, I’m not super busy. It’s usually on me to track her down. Luckily that’s not tough because she works next door to and sometimes inside of one of my favorite coffee shops. A coffee shop that also has bay windows and ample seating.

Speaking of the morning time…

Staple Singers – Let’s Do It Again
Star Slinger – Mornin’
John Legend – Number One
Xscape – Just Kickin’ It (Remix)

(Such a good sleep!)

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“With A Donut In Each Hand…”

Cody is presently going up against Kristen for most featured face on Nikkormagic. I like to compare the “rivalry” to Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting Saturday Night Live the most times. The main difference is that with one of these rivalries I’m probably one of three people in the world who knows or cares that it exists and the other one is, of course, between Kristen and Cody on my blog. (bah-dump.)

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Bang Bang Bang
Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen – Oh My God ft. Lily Allen

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The year this was taken I saw both of these bands play both of these songs live in concert.

Coldplay – The Scientist
The Ataris – Boys of Summer

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Blue Katie

If you’re out with me wearing a skirt that perfectly matches a giant garage door, don’t act all confused and weird about me taking your pictures in front of it. You knew this was a possibility just as well as I did; all my friends have standing orders to be “photo ready” when they meet up with me.

Iggy Pop – Turn Blue

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